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Roofing Repair Tradesmen Process Flowchart

1. Why is there a leak?

Why is there water where there shouldn’t be? Customer notes there is a problem and it is our job to figure out the source. We should go in the attic, get on the roof, remove some tiles if necessary, and IF we determine it is a roofing problem (not a plumbing or AC leak) then we move to next step.

2. Can I fix it?

Use our skills as a roofing contractor (i.e., waterproofing expert) to determine the best possible way to fix this problem. If this is within our capabilities then we will proceed to the first step. Otherwise, Northmen Roofing will provide our findings to the home or business owner and make a recommendation for an appropriate contractor.

3. Is it Beyond Service life and need replacing?

As an advocate for the home owner and an expert in our trade it is our duty to inform the home owner of what the life expectancy of the roof system is. Therefore it would be unethical to accept payment for a repair if the roof is so old it should be replaced, or conversely, to replace a roof that is repairable and has plenty of serviceable life left.

4. Is the failure the result of an event covered by home owners insurance? (i.e., insurable event)

If, the roof needs to be replaced or cannot be repaired it is a good idea to look at the roof and see if any damage is insurable or if leak is the result of some storm damage. This is in fact what insurance is there for. They are not there to pay for new roofs when a repair or maintenance is required – anything pursued to the contrary could increase your insurance rates, lead to dropped coverage or at worst constitute insurance fraud.

Note: This is step number 4, not step number 1.

5. Is some other party responsible? (ie installation error, product defect)

Do any manufacturer defects or any other warranties that may be on the product. Perhaps a warranty exist with the previous installer which should be pursued. It would not be ethical for Northmen to collect customer payment if there is some other avenue to solve this problem.

Tradesmen Flowchart
We only send a roofing professional, not a salesmen, to your house for an inspection. All homes require an inspection prior to providing a contract as well.

Northmen Roofing will not provide an estimate for a contract until the problem at hand has been fully diagnosed by a professional. It does not serve the company or the customer to guess and oversell or to insist on a new roof when a repair is a suitable option. We provide this service free of charge which also gives the customer the tools they need to properly engage with other contractors. When we leave your roof inspection you will now know the source of the leak and what needs to be done to fix it.

We don’t operate outside of 25 miles from our home base.

We need to be able to quickly and routinely provide maintenance and warranty services for our work. Anything beyond this range starts to become a logistics problem meaning our customers do not get the timely service they deserve.

We don’t perform half measures.

If we are going to offer a solution, it will only be the most correct and long term solution that we are capable of providing. We are experts at our craft and licensed roofing contractors meaning we own everything we do and we take that very seriously. Because of this, we can only do our best work which also means it may not be the least expensive.

No salesmen / insurance specialist.

Our quality speaks for itself and do not do assignment of benefits, high pressure sales tactics, etc. It will only be the best solution for the problem you have.

We price the problem, not the customer.

Our pricing does not change by the customers zip code or by the car they drive.

We don’t work weekends.

As a family owned and operated company our full staff has family with children which will always come first. We understand that balance is needed and our family needs come first. With that said, if a job is left incomplete or a genuine emergency arises and duty calls then we will be sure to get the job done right.

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