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A critical component to keeping your tile roof (ceramic, clay, slate, concrete or other) leak free and achieve the maximum lifespan, is regular cleaning and maintenance of the tile roof system.

A crucial part of this is removing organic debris especially if you have lots of tree cover like the oak trees in the well established towns like Winter Park, Windermere, Longwood and Lake Mary. This organic debris builds up in the valleys and other spillway areas where large volumes of water need to freely move. This causes damning and can back up the valleys causing them to overflow.

Another issue is the wet leaves and debris sit on the galvanized metal causing it to rust and fail. This rotting organic debris will cause havoc on your waterproofing layers over time. Regularly have your roof and gutters cleaned of debris to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your roof system.

Northmen Roofing offers maintenance service for tile roof systems that includes cleaning and basic repairs of common tile roof related issues. This low cost service is provided twice a year, once to prepare your tile roof for the rainy summer season and a follow up in winter to take care of any summer storm damage and the falling leaves in late fall.

If you have any questions about how to extend the life of your tile roof and would like to speak with a roof repair company in Central Florida, please call Northmen Roofing at (407) 498-2137 or contact us online at www.northmenroofing.com!

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