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Anatomy of this system:

  • Double Roman Concrete Tile
  • Direct-to-Deck Fasteners (screw fastened directly to roof deck)
  • Hot Mop down Underlayment System (builder layers tar paper, melts tar and pumps it to the roof, then rolls out cap sheet on top netting a thick underlayment)
  • 15 year old roof

A flaw of this system is as the portland cement breaks down on the tiles the lost sand will accumulate in the high water flow areas, like valleys, pre-maturely weathering the underlayment causing leaks and rotted roof decking.

The remedy: remove the tiles and extract the damaged underlayment and roof decking. Replace with new wood decking and critical step is to install new like in kind underlayment; in this case a modified bitumen low slope roofing system to terminate and waterproof. (Note, modified bitumen is actually a common flat roofing system). The modified bitumen must be tucked under the existing underlayment and if good adhesion isn’t made it is necessary to heat the old system to bring the petroleum out of the tar to “weld” the old to the new system. Care must be taken to re-terminate flashings and use a high-quality fastener to reset the tiles to avoid corrosion/rust which will cause your next leak.

Around the 15 year mark we recommend a good soft wash and sealing to help extend the life of your tiles.

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