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Travis is the owner & Production Manager for Northmen RoofingSeptember 3, 2021, 9:42 am, Roof Repair

An often-overlooked roof interface feature is the traditional return. This is when the eave fascia terminates into a sloped roof, there’s a flashing in this area called a return flashing. This is another situation where I feel roofers in Central Florida are inhibited by their dependency on factory made metals. At Northman Roofing we have our own sheet metal fabrication facility; we are able to make custom metals including return flashings to properly waterproof this crucial intersection that is exposed to all the heavy water flow of the valley. The return flashing should be both long and tall enough to completely cover the fascia where it touches the roof, and it should extend past the return fully terminating under the valley liner and valley metal. We like to make ours out of heavy gauge gutter aluminum to prevent rusting and ensure that it can be used next time the roof is redone.

That is the advantage of a roofing company owned and operated by professional Craftsman has over paper contractors who subcontract all of their labor.

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