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At Northmen Roofing we take our partnerships very seriously and insist that suppliers share the same values of exceptional technical expertise, quality control and customer service. We have been exclusively partnered with American WeatherStar for our liquid applied roof coatings and were recently honored with the “Platinum Contractor” designation.

Northmen Roofing exclusively utilizes the American WeatherStar Ure-A-Sil system for modified bitumen and other flat roof systems along with the Met-A-Sil system for restoring metal roof systems. We strive to be the most technically capable and qualified roofing contractor in Central Florida for Liquid Applied Roof Coatings and restoration. The Platinum Contractor designation helps recognize the hard work both teams have put in to build this lasting partnership.

American WeatherStar is an industry-leading manufacturer of fluid-applied roof restoration solutions which are proven to stop leaks, reduce energy costs, cool building interiors, and improve sustainability. The fluid-applied systems are only installed by professional contractors that have been specially approved by American WeatherStar.

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