Improperly Used Roof Coatings


Travis is the owner & Production Manager for Northmen RoofingOctober 15, 2021, 12:09 pm, Roof Repair

It’s often misunderstood how much damage can actually be caused by that friend or handyman with a bucket of “waterproof roof coating”.

Just because the buckets says “Roofing” does not mean it can be randomly applied to any roof surface or system. Easily 75% of the roof repairs we do is actually reworking someone else’s “repair”. Often, the repair is made more difficult or more expensive because of what was done before.

This is particularly true for metal surfaces. Applying random waterproofing products without proper preparation work to metal surfaces is a certain way to cause more damage or create a larger problem than already exists. This comes mostly in the form of water being trapped between the waterproofing and the metal creating rust. The cost of repairing damaged substrate far exceeds what it would have been to properly repair the original leak with the appropriate prep work and products. Be very wary of “roof painters” and “goo smearers”; your roof may look great with a fresh coat of “goo” but these improper repairs do not last and can cost you a lot in the long run.

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