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Travis is the owner & Production Manager for Northmen RoofingSeptember 10, 2021, 3:10 pm, Chimney

This is one of the trickier roof features you run into in Central Florida, a chimney that runs up the exterior of the home and interfaces partially with the roof. To sum it up briefly, a traditional Cricket cannot be built on the back of the chimney because you could only create one valley. This creates a problem on the high side of the cricket because you have no way to terminate drip edge down the fascia with a standard factory piece of drip edge. The appropriate solution is creating a custom piece of fabricated sheet metal.

Since we are sheet metal fabricators in addition to master roofing water-proofers, fabricating this custom drip edge is not a problem at Northmen Roofing. Even though the cricket has enough positive drainage for shingles, we still like to use modified bitumen cap sheet. It cost a little bit more but it’s much more resistant to the standing water created by organic debris building up on the back side of the chimney. Our technicians are also trained in many disciplines so a little minor stucco repair can be completed to wrap up this job in a single trip.

That is the advantage of a roofing company owned and operated by professional Craftsman has over paper contractors who subcontract all of their labor.

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