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Travis is the owner & Production Manager for Northmen RoofingOctober 8, 2021, 11:35 am, Waterproofing

Tile roof waterproofing can be very confusing for those not specially trained in servicing them which is why very few roofing contractors repair tile roofs.

When diagnosing a tile roof leak the main thing to remember is you need to find both leaks!

First leak is the hole of penetration in the tile. There are some tile systems that are not designed to keep water on top of the tile, there will be no lead or Wakaflex® Universal Flashing at any of the penetration points or roof-to-wall transitions. These systems tend to use a heavier underlayment like modified bitumen to compensate for the extra water.

The second leak is in the waterproofing membrane itself. We often tell our customers that hypothetically we should be able to remove the tiles from the roof, come back in a year and there should be no leaks. Tiles do serve the purpose of protecting the underlayment from the sun; although tile underlayment is heavier, it’s typically not UV stable. A broken tile over the course of months or years can breakdown the exposed Roof System. The additional water allowed in could find a deficiency in the waterproofing that otherwise would not have leaked.

I say that to say this – there is nothing you can do on top of the tiles that is going to stop a roof leak. If the roof is leaking into the home, tiles will have to be removed and the waterproofing will have to be repaired. There is nothing you can smear on the tiles; no tape, no caulking, no foam and you can’t pour concrete into the valleys. All you’re doing is destroying typically discontinued tiles, hampering designed waterflow, and making the correct repair more difficult to complete. When engaging with a potential waterproofer working on your home make sure they intend to remove the tiles and fix what’s underneath, not just smear something on top.

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